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Snow White

(The Wolf Among Us)

Heyya Everyone!

This page will be walking through the various stages of how I went about creating my Snow White cosplay from The Wolf Among Us video game.

From the moment I played The Wolf Among Us, I fell in love with it. Bigby is a brilliant lead character, and as with all TellTale games, your decisions shape the game and other characters perception of you. The main thing that drew me to it, was the art style, it's all cell shaded! And you guys know my love of Borderlands and the cell-shaded style!

Snow and Bigby's relationship was an interesting one to watch develop, which is what drew me to want to cosplay her over the other characters in the game.



I've made a few wigs for characters from games which have the same cell-shaded style, and I've always felt that using a normal wig for these kind of costumes just doesn't really work. I feel like it pulls away from the 2D illusion you spend ages creating.

I've always wanted to have a go at making a foam wig, as it would fit the style so much better, and what better costume to try it on than Snow.

I started by putting a wig cap on, covering the top of my head in clingfilm, and then a layer of duct tape (come on guys, you know the drill by now!). Once that was done, I drew around where I wanted Snow's hair to be, so along my forehead (a bit lower than normal so I would have room to trim if needs be), across my sideburns, around my ears, and down to the nape of my neck. Once this was done I took it off, cut along the lines, and then cut two slits along the top so it would lay flat.

That pattern was transferred onto 2mm foam, and cut out. To get it back to it's original shape, I used a thin layer of my old favourite; 


As I wanted to get this costume done as quickly as possible (I made this in the lead up to my wedding, so I didn't have a lot of free time), I decided not to make the shirt from scratch, and instead bought a fitted, light blue shirt online, and would simply paint it to look like hers.

First step was to iron all the wrinkles out of the shirt so it lay flat, then used white fabric paint to draw on each individual snowflake. The snowflakes on her shirt are fairly large, with a few smaller ones scattered between them - I made most of mine about 1.5 - 2 inches wide. I did about 3 layers of paint on each one to make sure they were really opaque.

Next was the cell shading. I went around all of the shirts natural seams with black fabric paint. Not all of the outlines are the same even thickness, so I made sure that mine weren't either. After this was done, it was simply a case of adding in a few lines where the shirt naturally creases (by the elbow, under the bust and across the stomach), and adding in a few various shades of blue and white to add shadows and highlights. A lot of this was unnecessary as barely any part of the shirt is visible except the collar and the cuffs, but hey, I enjoy cell shading!

Once that was done, I set the paint with an iron (as the Dylon paint I use needs to be set with heat), and it was good to go.


As I have always struggled to buy pencil skirts that fit properly, I decided that for this costume I would make my own. I used my favourite pattern for pencil skirts: Burda 6469. I used pattern A, and altered the pattern so it stopped just below my knee, whilst leaving off the pockets (I would have preferred to have them, but Snow's skirt doesn't so


Same as the shirt, I hate making anything with a collar and had limited time and space, so I riffled through my wardrobe and f

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