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Discount Code!

Heyya All! Hope you’re all doing great! Those of you who follow my Instagram and Facebook, or have had a look through my Portfolio, will know how much I love Zentai Suits! They are super comfortable, extremely flattering when made exactly for your body shape, and look really impressive in pictures! My all-time favourite place to get my suits made is a company called ZentaiZone . They are really affordable, they custom make the suits to your body measurements at no extra cost, have really fast shipping to the UK with no customs fees, and are really vibrant in colour. They have made all my suits since 2016, and I will never go anywhere else.

Due to how much they have impressed me with their speed and service, I have had a discount code set up to use on ZentaiZone, in order to get a 12% discount. To use this, simply fill your basket with whatever you want, then enter code 'briimassacre' at checkout.

I make no money from this code, I have had this set up as I am regularly asked where I get my suits printed, and I always link people to this company, as I have never had suits printed in such high quality, at such an affordable price, and have them arrive so quickly.

I hope this code is useful to some of you to get your suits made at an even lower price, and I look forward to seeing all the cosplays you get made! Feel free to tag me in the pictures, as I would love to see them!

Much Love,

Sabrina xXx

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