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Cosplay Plans Update

Heyya Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well!

Once again, apologies for my absence recently. Between the final stages of prep for my wedding and exams at work, I've been all over the place in recent weeks!

I wanted to give you all an update of my cosplay plans for this year. So far, the key cosplays on my list are:-

- Aloy (Heavy Banuk Ice Hunter)

- Samus Aran (Zero Suit)

- Hela (Thor: Ragnarok)

- Jill Valentine (Battlesuit - RE5)

- Mrs Incredible

- Mera (Aquaman movie)

- Black Widow (Infinity War)

- Mantis (Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2)

I have a few of these ready to go, as they are suits I had printed - these just require me to finish styling my wigs, and build my prop weapons.

I'll be sorting another photo shoot at some point soon with the wonderful Vic from Iddstar Artwork, so stay tuned for updates on that!

Much Love,



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