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Aloy cosplay (decisions!)

Heyya Everyone!

Recently, I've been torn in deciding which version of Aloy to cosplay, as she has a wonderful range of costumes available within the game. In the end, I decided on my favourite two; the Heavy Banuk Ice Hunter, and the Shadow Stalward Light.

After hosting a poll on my Patreon, and asking my Instagram followers for their opinions on which to do first, it became clear you guys wanted to see me create the Banuk Ice Hunter armour first.

So this is the version I'm starting with, and I've been working away on the headpiece and chest armour. I start my new job next week, so until I finish my first few weeks training, I won't be starting the main bulk of the costume.

Keep an eye on my Instagram for updates, and if you fancy it, head over to my Patreon to view behind the scenes timelapse videos and pictures of the costume as it progresses!

Much Love,

Sabrina xXx

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