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May MCM London 2017 pt.2

Heyya Everyone!

So MCM London comic con has just finished, and it was an interesting time!

I was only there on the Saturday, which was different, as I usually go on both the Saturday and Sunday. They had changed the wristbands, which I was very grateful for, as they used to be paper wristbands for the single day entry tickets, and plastic wristbands for the weekend entry tickets. However now they are all fabric wrist bands, which were in different colours depending on what ticket you had. These were not only nicer to look at, and more durable than the previous versions, but now they were a lot more comfortable to wear, especially with how hot this weekend was.

As most of you will know, on the 22nd May there was a horrific terrorist attack in Manchester, when a suicide bomber carried out an attack at an Ariana Grande concert. Sadly, 22 people lost their lives in this senseless attack, and over a hundred were injured. After this attack, all of the country has been on critical alert, and over 1,000 armed security forces have been deployed all over the UK, in order to maintain security and safety. This of course meant that security at the Excel centre, where MCM London comic con is held, was heightened, and the security checks were a lot more rigorous. It did make getting in and out of the centre a lot more time consuming, as they had stopped anyone coming in via the front doors. All entry to the building had to come from the back doors, and once through them, everyone was subject to bag checks before being allowed into the centre. This made me feel a lot safer, and I can't wrap my head around why people were so angry about it. I would much rather have an extra 15 minutes added onto my time returning into the building, than to have no wait where just anyone can come through.

I was there as Cindy Moon A.K.A. Silk, and damn did that costume keep me warm! As it is basically a skin tight suit, there was no way to cool down whilst wearing it inside the centre; however wearing it outside it was brilliant, as the breeze went through the suit and kept me cool, plus it kept the sun off of my skin. That worked for me as I burn very easily when out in the sun!

I was super excited to see that Funko finally decided to get a booth there, as I am a massive Funko/Pop! Vinyl collector (between me and Luke, we have just over 450 of them). They had a few 'MCM Exclusives' with them, however a few of them were just Hot Topic exclusives with a different sticker on them, not that I was complaining, as Hot Topic exclusives are tricky to get in the UK, due to crazy shipping costs and import taxes. I bought myself the Hawkgirl NY comic con exclusive Pop! Vinyl, as I had been desperate to get my hands on it for ages, and Forbidden Planet had it on their stall for £10, which was an amazing price! I also bought the Unmasked Spiderman, and the Wonder Woman duo pack (two of the show exclusives), as they were very well priced; the Spiderman was £15, and the duo pack was £20. Luke bought me an adorable Sackboy keyring which was dressed as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. I love this so much, as I have a collection of the Sackboy keyrings, and she is now standing between my Nathan Drake and Delsin Sackboys!

I found a stall which sold a lot of the Disney statues that I have been collecting for years, and they had the Britto edition of the Cheshire Cat, which was an immediate buy. They also had the Jafar with Iago statue I have been trying to get my hands on, so I got that aswell. The guys were so friendly and really nice to chat to, I know I'll be buying from them again!

They had a mini film set from the upcoming horror film Annabelle Creations, which I made a beeline for, as I am a big fan of horror movies with dolls in. You could get your picture taken sitting at the table with Annabelle at the end, in the same set up as seen in the trailer for the movie. I am really excited to see this film, and hope that it will be good, as I really enjoyed the first one (although it was a little predictable at times). For those of you who want to see it, it is out on August 11th (UK release date).

I had a few photo shoots booked in, however Cris cancelled due to the delay getting back into the centre, and I couldn't do a later shoot with him due to needing to driving back to Maidstone before the London traffic rush. I did however keep my shoot with Tom from Gallagher Photography and it was a lot of fun, I love the way his mind works and how he sees the image of the shot in his head, it always results in fantastic shots! He is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and is always fun to hang out with, a really amazing guy! We did a shoot hanging onto a metal bar and leaning over the edge of high wall, one balancing on a wall, and a few floor shots. I am super excited to get these back and show them all to you! I will have to team up with him to get some location shoots done with some of my other cosplays, as I know you will all love him and his work!

I wasn't able to find as many people as I hoped I would, we all kept missing each other due to the volume of people at the event! Although I did manage to find a few of them, and I got a few pictures <3. In October I'll have to try a lot harder to locate everyone, as I was so sad I couldn't find Em, James or Hannah!

---- Reno cosplay by Helen, Gladio cosplay by Maggzy Cosplay, Shaun cosplay by Paul ----

I have been trying to get Luke to cosplay for ages now, and he has always been reluctant due to not having the confidence, however this time I managed to convince him to dress as Ed from Shaun of the Dead. Luke has always been told that he looks like Nick Frost, specifically his portrayal of Ed, and as it was a super easy costume to do, he agreed to wear it. About an hour into the convention, we were walking through the halls, I spotted an amazing Shaun cosplayer, who pointed at Luke immediately and ran up to him for pictures. I couldn't place where I knew him from, then I realised it was Paul from the UK Cosplay Community group I'm in. He is absolutely lovely, and I know Luke has made a friend forever in him! I had to get a picture of them together, as they are just perfect!

Overall I had a lovely time, I wish I could have stayed longer to see everyone, but it couldn't be helped. I am back at MCM London in October, and this time it is for all 3 days! Not sure what cosplays I will be bringing, as it's far too early to decide that. However, I will give you an insight into what my next cosplay build is going to be; Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. I haven't decided which costume of hers to do yet, I have narrowed it down to two, and will have a poll on my Patreon soon in order for you all to have your say on which you prefer!

Much Love,

Sabrina xXx

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