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Patreon is live!

Heyya Everyone!

I've had a few messages from you guys, asking if there is any way you can donate towards my cosplays. I greatly appreciate all your offers and support, however I cannot in good conscience allow you to contribute towards my cosplays without giving you something in return. Then it hit me, Patreon!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Patreon and how it works, here's a quick run-down.

Patreon is a website in which people like me (Creators), can set up a page showing our work, and what we would love to achieve if we had more support. Then, if you should so wish to, you can pledge towards my cosplays, and become a patron to me.

I have set various tiers ($1-$50), and you can choose which tier you would like to be in. This amount is then paid at the first of every month from you into my Patreon account, allowing me to buy the materials and items I need to create bigger and better cosplays and content for you guys <3

Of course, this is not without it's rewards for you. Not only are you helping me create cosplays that before I could only dream of creating, but each tier has it's own set of rewards.

I currently have 4 tiers on my Patreon. My tiers are currently as follows:

$1 - Gain access to some of the posts on my Patron-only feed.

$5 - All above rewards

- 1 Fansign selfie, either in cosplay or regular clothes (your choice). This is emailed directly to you.

- Access to polls, to vote on future cosplays.

$20 - All above rewards

- 1 Cosplay print (10"x 8") sent to you every month.

- A hand written thank you note, sent with your first cosplay print.

- Your name on my website under "Support" (optional).

- Access to exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures of cosplays, shoots & props.

- Access to exclusive walkthrough videos (content decided by you guys).

$50 - All above rewards

- 1 Cosplay print (10"x12") sent to you every month.

- A Birthday card, and bonus print, mailed to you on your Birthday <3

- A follow back on Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat.

- Access to my Dropbox with ALL the images from my Cosplay shoots.

- Lingerie booty pictures, added to the Dropbox each month <3.

- Exclusive polaroids from new shoots, mailed directly to you.

When I have more rewards to offer, I will add more tiers of pledges with even bigger rewards for you all. Please message me to let me know if you would like your print signed, and what name you would like on your fansign (depending on tier).

This is not a lifetime subscription, you can cancel your patronage at any time, for full details and information, have a flick through these FAQs.

Please note, whether you pledge to my Patreon or not, I still love you and thank you for your constant support and kind words! It really means the world to me <3

Much Love,



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