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Garnier SkinActive Mask Review

Heyya Everyone!

I was recently sent one of the new Garnier SkinActive Masks for free by BzzAgent & Garnier, in order to try it out, and give you all my honest opinion and review.

I had heard that Garnier was releasing a new set of face masks, and I was really excited to try them! I have tried their previous masks and loved them all, as they all do what they claim to, are very reasonably priced, and you get a lot of product for your money.

I chose the honey mask, as my skin has always been very troublesome. I have an oily T-zone, with sporadic dry patches on my cheeks, jawline and temples, and when combined with my skin being quite sensitive, the rosacea on my cheeks and bring prone to breakouts, it can be a real struggle to keep it all in check.

According to the packet information, the honey mask is a repairing mask, which contains honey and ceramide, and is recommended for dry to very dry skin.

It claims to immediately leave skin looking smoother, and feeling nourished; and to have long-lasting effectiveness which will leave skin more comfortable and supple.

It is also paraben free, which is a nice feature - for those of you unfamiliar with them, parabens are a group of chemicals which are used as preservatives in cosmetics. I'm not too bothered about whether my cosmetics and skincare products have parabens in them, as they prevent bacteria growth, and prolong the life of the product - but I do look favourably on paraben free products.

I had a look at the product information on the Garnier website, and it said:-

"A new generation of face mask combining Honey and Ceramide in a creamy texture that nourishes for soothed, comforted and velvety skin."

I used this mask in the evening before getting into the bath, and applied it to clean, dry skin as it says to.

The mask felt very soothing on my skin, it didn't dry out, sing my face, or make my skin feel tight, like a lot of masks do. It had a faint honey smell but nothing too overpowering, which I prefer, as I find it off-putting when I use a mask and it has a really strong odour. The mask is a lovely, creamy consistency, not so thick that you can't apply it easily, and not too runny that it just drips down your neck. Just the right consistency that you can put it on, and go about whatever your doing, without fear of it dripping off onto clothes or carpets.

The instructions say to leave it on for 10 minutes, then massage the excess product into the skin until it is absorbed, or you can remove the excess product with a cotton pad.

I chose to the massage the product into my skin, as I wanted to give my skin the chance to absorb as much of the product as it could, to get maximum results. I massaged the product in for about 2 minutes, but couldn't get the majority be absorbed, so I gently wiped off the excess with a cotton pad. Massaging the product in works better with a serum based mask, not a creamy mask like this one.

The packet is an average size for a cream face mask, and contains 8ml of product. I have quite a long, chubby face, so I was curious as to whether this could contain enough product to apply a generous, even layer over my face. There isn't as much product as is usual for a cream mask, however as this mask isn't washed off, there was more than enough for a full face application.

The mask left my skin very smooth and feeling moisturised, and it didn't leave any residue behind, like some massage-in masks do (you know, that awful tacky layer that leaves your skin feeling waxy? Gross!).

I wanted to see how long it's effects actually lasted, so I didn't use my normal day and night creams for a week after applying the mask, to test it's results.

Day 1: Immediately after taking the mask off, my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth. My dry patches disappeared immediately, this is to be expected as they've just been moisturised.

Day 2: Skin still felt extremely soft and hydrated. No real visible change to my skin, except the dry patches were a bit less noticeable.

Day 3: Skin still feels fairly smooth, it doesn't feel tight like it usually does when I don't follow my usual moisturising routine. Dry patches are coming through, but you have to be very close to see them.

Day 4: After going into town and battling against extremely strong winds and cold (storm Doris), I was surprised that when I got back home, the skin on my cheeks was still quite soothed and moisturised. This shocked me, as being out in the wind really makes my skin sensitive and dry, especially on my cheeks due to my rosacea. The skin on my forehead however was beginning to feel a bit dry and dehydrated again.

Day 5: Forehead and nose are back to how they usually are, a bit dry and bumpy. The dry patches on the tops of my cheeks are starting to become more visible, but my skin is still feeling quite supple. It isn't feeling tight when I smile like it often does.

Day 6: Skin looks like it usually does, and feels like it's in need of a bit of moisturiser. I'd say by this point, I would probably do another mask, or a good slather of day cream.

Overall, the effects of that one mask application lasted just under six days for me, which is a great result. I was very happy with how it left my skin feeling, and with the overall experience of using it.

As my skin is not overly dry, it did a good job of hydrating my skin and keeping it feeling smooth and supple. I think this mask would be best for someone with very dry, dehydrated skin that needs a good moisture boost, or as a good moisturising treatment mask the day before an event, to keep your skin looking and feeling great.

This mask has an R.R.P of £1.50, which I think is a good price for how much product you get, and how well it works, and I will definitely continue using them. I'm also really looking forward to trying the other masks in the set, as they've made one for almost all skin problems.

Much Love,



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