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My Mercy build has begun!

Heyya Everyone!

I've finally got round to starting work on my Mercy cosplay! This is one of my bigger builds of this year, and I am hoping to have her ready for the Saturday of MCM London in May.

On the chance that I can't get her done in time, I will definitely be bringing her with me in October to MCM Lonon, as I am staying up there for all 3 days.

I've just finished building her gun from foam, and am so so happy with how it's turned out, especially as this is my first ever foam prop! I just need to prime and paint it now, and then that's one part down.

Once I've finished the whole build, I will upload a walkthrough tutorial on how I made the whole cosplay, and hopefully it will help answer any questions on how I went about making each part.

Much Love,



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