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Heyya Everyone!

In this tutorial I will be walking through the various stages of how I went about adding the 3D details onto my Mera bodysuit. 

My original bodysuit pattern was designed by ArachnidStudios, then sent on to ZentaiZone to be printed and stitched together. Once my suit arrived, I was thrilled with it - the colours were so vibrant and the shading really made it all pop. However, I wanted to make the suit more 3D and textured, to have the appearance and feel of scales, like the one Amber Herd wore.

I figured the best way to do this would be to follow all the lines on the suit with various colours of puff-paint. Whilst this would prove to be extremely time consuming, the end result was perfect.

The scales on Amber's suit appear to be gold, however  I wanted something that changed in the light and when I moved, so I used a metallic green fabric paint from Tulip, as 

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