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Heyya All! Hope you’re all doing great! Those of you who follow my Instagram and Facebook, or have had a look through my Portfolio, will know how much I love Zentai Suits! They are super comfortable, extremely flattering when made exactly for your body shape, and look really impressive in pictures! My all-time favourite place to get my suits made is a company called ZentaiZone . They are really affordable, they custom make the suits to your body measurements at no extra

Cosplay Plans Update

Heyya Everyone! Hope you are all doing well! Once again, apologies for my absence recently. Between the final stages of prep for my wedding and exams at work, I've been all over the place in recent weeks! I wanted to give you all an update of my cosplay plans for this year. So far, the key cosplays on my list are:- - Aloy (Heavy Banuk Ice Hunter) - Samus Aran (Zero Suit) - Hela (Thor: Ragnarok) - Jill Valentine (Battlesuit - RE5) - Mrs Incredible - Mera (Aquaman movie) - Blac