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Heyya All! Hope you’re all doing great! Those of you who follow my Instagram and Facebook, or have had a look through my Portfolio, will know how much I love Zentai Suits! They are super comfortable, extremely flattering when made exactly for your body shape, and look really impressive in pictures! My all-time favourite place to get my suits made is a company called ZentaiZone . They are really affordable, they custom make the suits to your body measurements at no extra

Silk is ready to swing in!

Heyya Everyone! You guys know that I really enjoy making cosplays, and always try to make my own costumes where I can. However, I have recently discovered a few digital artists who design suit patterns, which can then be sent to companies to print and sew into suits. One of my favourite digital artists is Brandon Gilbert, A.K.A. ArachanidStudios. I have been following his Instagram for ages now as I absolutely adore all of his designs, and I knew I had to get my hands on a fe