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Black Cat

Heyya Everyone!

In this tutorial I will be walking through the various stages of how I went about creating my classic Black Cat suit, from the Spiderman comics.

I really like Felicia as a character, and her costume is gorgeous, so this was a cosplay that was bound to happen one day! This costume was really quick to put together. It took me about 4 evenings to finish everything, and cost just shy of £60 in total.


I started with the easiest part of the costume, her hair. I was making this cosplay on a budget, so I bought a really basic, cheap white wig from eBay. The wig was fairly thick, with a full fringe and a few waves scattered through it.

First thing I fixed was the fringe, as Felicia has a side fringe, with a few layers cut through it. I used my usual trusty hairdressing scissors to trim the fringe, and cut it in at an angle; then used some thinning scissors to thin our the fringe a bit, as it was very heavy and hard to see through. Once the layers were cut in, and it was thinned out, I ruffled it up a bit with my fingers, then gave it a good blast of Got2B glued hairspray.



Black Cat's mask is like most female superhero masks; it frames her eyes, holds itself in place without any ribbons, and is a glossy black colour. However her's is quite unique in it's shape, it angular with very large eye holes.

I knew that trying to freehand this and get it the right shape and size for my face would be a waste of time, so I made a template in my usual way; cling film, parcel tape (as I'd run out of duct tape), and a sharpie.

As I wanted it to be symmetrical, I only drew on half of the design, then after cutting it out, placed it onto folded card to mirror it, and have a perfectly symmetrical mask shape.

Next step was to transfer the card pattern onto 2mm foam, and cut it out with a sharp knife. Once I had this, I sandwiched this between two pieces of black worbla, and as it cooled, I gently pressed this onto my face, in order for it to cool in the right shape and fit for my face.

Once cooled, I primed this with a few layers of wood glue, and once they were all dry, I used a very fine grit sandpaper in order to buff it smooth. Once all primed and smooth, I gave it two light coats of glossy black spray paint, and my mask was done!

I didn't make any holes in the sides of my mask, as I didn't want to attach it with string. Instead I made sure to leave the back of my mask plain, with no primer or anything on it. The texture of the worbla wasn't too rough, but it had enough texture that when covered in a fine layer of spirit gum and left to go tacky for a minute or so, it stuck to my face perfectly, and stayed in place until I gently pulled it off.



Felicia's suit is a fairly basic design. It's a shiny, black, skin tight catsuit, with a front zip, and white fur around the collar and cuffs. 

I didn't use my usual Yaya-han pattern, as I didn't want any seams along the front, and didn't need to worry about having it as fitted on my waist, as she is often depicted with a corset over her suit, which I intended to do. Instead I used my other catsuit pattern; Misses 3052.

I had a bunch of black, wet-look stretch fabric left over from when I made my Black Widow classic suit, so I used the same material for this suit.

I made the pattern up as per the instructions, only trimming the sleeves to stop halfway up my forearm, and without using an invisible zip, as I wanted it to be exposed like hers, so I could attach a larger round ring-pull to it. I used a spare 20mm split-ring to attach to the top part of the zip's pull.

Now the suits base was made, it was time to add on the fur. I searched online for some long pile white fur, and this was the best one I found. I only ordered a metre of it, as I knew I wouldn't need much.

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