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BabyJane Splicer Cosplay


Heyya Everyone!


In this post I will be walking through the various stages of how I went about creating my BabyJane Splicer cosplay from the Bioshock video game series.

I preferred the look of the BabyJane Splicers from the concept art from the game, rather than the one actually used in-game - mainly because of the hair style, so this is the version I went for.


To make the dress, I used my old Vogue V1094 pattern - I used an emerald green fabric for the main part of the dress, a black fabric for the collar and cuff detailing, and emerald green cotton for the bodice lining.

I made the dress up as the pattern dictated, however when it came to the sleeves and hem, I had to freestyle it a bit. I made a basic loose fitting sleeve with a cuff made from the black fabric, and attached this to the collar and the armpit of the dress. For the hem, I made the skirt around 18 inches long, and then hacked away at it with scissors, until it was asymmetrical and tattered like the picture showed. The dresses in the game and in the concept art are old, tattered and dirty - so I dirtied up my finished dress using Ben Nye character powders in clean dirt and plains dust. I bought this a long time ago and it can be a bit tricky to get hold of, so if you can't find any, using crushed up brown chalks and charcoal will work exactly the same and probably be cheaper! I just took small finger fulls and rubbed it sporadically into the fabric.
Just remember that when the outfit is washed, these will fade or come out completely, so will need to be redone after each wash.

I have many pairs of sheer 15 denier black stockings, so I took one of the older pairs and discarded one, cut a few holes into it in the places where hers are frayed, then lined the edges of the holes with a little bit of clear nail polish; because I didn't want them tearing into one massive hole and ladder. As these are stockings and not hold ups, they needed to be paired with one of my suspender belts, to ensure they were clipped up, and didn't slip down when I moved.


The most time consuming part of this costume is the makeup that is required to finish the look. To create the look, the main products I needed were;

  • Scar Wax

  • Fake blood

  • Clay tools or a butter knife [blunt!]

  • Collodium

  • Brown and Red greasepaint [or eyeshadows]

Plus whatever makeup you would normally use.

It's easier for me to show you how I did my makeup for this, than to try and explain it, so I made a time-lapse video of me doing it to show you the general idea of what I did:-

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